Thursday, January 8, 2009

External Value in a writing, are those needed?

I have lot's of fun writing about david - The Internet Voyager. one thing that intruding my mind is are the external value still have the lots meaning, like culture, norm, and etc. as you seen in the internet voyager chapter one, and two I try to release from the external and seems great but another thing that I include in chapter three, four and five. there is some scenes that include the external like teddy bear and father day. Sure you know it that you can't always find a father day in all the spot of the country.

the spot that I want to play is the internet background where David playground is internet.. the internet is still a wide place to define, even for internet culture. sure it would be different if david join the entrecard lol ... there is a norm that you drop I will drop you back. hey but david doesn't play entrecard. he just a boy from the elementary school that try to find another love.

hope I can know your opinion about this external value :D or you can give me some reference

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