Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Internet Voyager Chapter six book one

David open his bedroom door and see the pillow like a gold. the computer still on, but the light of the eye is stuck to the heaven. "oh God I'm full, please let me sleep!" say David inside his heart. that boiled chicken drum stick is fantastic. all I can think is only a long sleep like a squirrel in the winter.

Santa gave me an xbox this year. but playing alone is so boring. he look at the window that opened. the star look bright .. but the star never alone, they always get the crowd and dancing among the moon. David go the window to look the clear sky this night. but seems not all the stars is happy there is one star that standing alone far away from the others.

the light of that star is shining, but the problem is he's alone. maybe that is my star. alone in the dark. while the other get the crowd and play together. hope I can have some friend. hope my pap and mom is always home. David still confuse with the bright star that alone in the corner of the sky. why he is so bright. star look the same, nothing ugly they all beautiful. maybe that star is happy with all the condition he have, facing the night with happy, and smile with the moon while say.. moon I will bright more than you.

David woke up when the his pap car engine came by. David ran down and see his father and his mom with a smile. his dad smile too, while mom hug David.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

what i want? and this is a contest

entrecard image

what i want? maybe you would ask about my tittle post. but really, I will submit this post to entrecard bazillion credit. a contest that have a lots of price, with total 132.501 ec (haha I count it using calculator) and a few other prize like 1 month text link ad, 1 month 125×125 ad, a Blog Review and also a mouse pad. that all prize you can get by writing about this contest and what prize would you want. (this is what I'm doing now). you can get one (1) entry point for just post it and 3 (three) entry points by adding the sponsor links. for the complete info about the prize and the contest info you could visit this page.

Now, I will talk for the prize and explain about my tittle. maybe you would know that I made this blog long ago on January 16, 2008. 3 years I've been work in front of my pc and did not realize that I have made my self drawn to the twilight zone. by the time I log on to this blog in the end of the year of 2008. I'm realize that maybe I can make friend. there is a dozen writers list on ec. but my dead blog was deleted from the list, with a new spirit I sign up again, till now. I drop my card from one blog to another and try the best to leave a comment or participating on the contest like I did in this post and this post. just to make them notice that I'm trying to say "can I be your friend?" that is what I want, the prize, to be my friend. unfortunately there's no prize for that. so what ever prize I will accept. rules is rules.. that mouse pad seems great for my mice .. (hoho, I'm using a small optical mouse). well, sorry to disturb you with my feelings. and this is the list of Bazillion entrecard contest sponsor:

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

External Value in a writing, are those needed?

I have lot's of fun writing about david - The Internet Voyager. one thing that intruding my mind is are the external value still have the lots meaning, like culture, norm, and etc. as you seen in the internet voyager chapter one, and two I try to release from the external and seems great but another thing that I include in chapter three, four and five. there is some scenes that include the external like teddy bear and father day. Sure you know it that you can't always find a father day in all the spot of the country.

the spot that I want to play is the internet background where David playground is internet.. the internet is still a wide place to define, even for internet culture. sure it would be different if david join the entrecard lol ... there is a norm that you drop I will drop you back. hey but david doesn't play entrecard. he just a boy from the elementary school that try to find another love.

hope I can know your opinion about this external value :D or you can give me some reference

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Seems I will eat all the contest!

this is the second contest that i follow in these early month of 2009 wow... when do I write david stories.. well.. later. when i finish writing this contest information.

so back to my entrecard dashboard and found a new message. yeahh a new contest invite.. sure. I love contest, is making me like an artist :lol: so this contest is called adgetize recruit contest.. as you will seen the banner in my sidebar. but, there aren't giving ec this time but Borzack will give you the cash I will quote it right here:

1st Prize
* $10 Paypal Cash
* 1 month advert slot on Adgitize network (you will get 100 advertiser points everyday for 30 days!)
* 1 month Top Link on Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine
* Page Peel Ads for your blog
2nd Prize
* $5 Paypal Cash
* 2 weeks advert slot on Adgitize network (you will get 100 advertiser points everyday for 14 days!)
* 1 month Sidebar link on Healthy Lifestyle Blogzine
* Page Peel Ads for your blog
3rd Prize
* 7 days advert slot on Adgitize network (you will get 100 advertiser points everyday for 7 days!)
* 1 month advert slot on Making Myself Extra Money
* Page Peel Ads for your blog
5 x consolation prizes
* 1 month advert slot on Making Myself Extra Money

hohoho there is some slot for advertising.. but little confuse for the last prize what is that mean? haha prize is prize. hope the pick me :D

Monday, January 5, 2009

early month contest.. wuhuu !!

just registering entrecard and only have 72 ec on my account. so start to think the way to get the ec in the fast way without buying it :) and the solution is the contest.. fortunately a massage get to my inbox and invited me to join the contest.. aloha... your welcome .. but from the rules that mentioned on the blog contest post there is one condition that pretty hard if you are a ptc maniac. why? because the rules is you must registering to clixsense account. but Im not a publisher. just a blogger that try to optimize his blog to the moon.

another thinking blow up from my mind last night .. the condition of rules is worth of the gift in that contest cause if you full up all the rules you can get.

2500 ec (wow pretty much for a newbie like me :lol:) a review of your blog ( that means a link pointing to your blog and that mean more famous.. hahaha) and the 10 bucks trough paypal (uhm... seems there will a hotdogs party).

so.. don't know your mind say.. but for your information .. I was follow this contest .. and try to earn some ec. hope I will get it on my valentine's day :D

Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Memory of My Old Entrecard

entrecard design
any body remember this design yeah this is design from my last entrecard. because my busy i forgot to maintain this blog.. and now i have made the new account of entrecard. seems I have comfort my self with the text black card where i can modify the text every time. as you know david (the character of my write) can always have a different mood from time to time. uhmm... I've been thinking to modified it as a nav bar .. maybe it's cool to have a navbar in this blog.

to avoid entrecard banned my blog again maybe not only writing about david but also what is my motivation in writing the stories of david scenes. hope it would be interesting to read. hope your feedback buddies, or a suggestion about my navbar menus.



Friday, January 2, 2009

happy new year!!!


there is right, there is wrong, wonder might be the stone
to clear the weather in both of them
little frog on the pond
could you tell me what the clue
to illuminate inside my bone
path is black the middle is white
remember all the rule inside
and hope we can do it right