Saturday, March 15, 2008

Internet voyager chapter three book one

David with all the anger, drop his body on the bed. Teddy bear smiling when david sees the teddy. you've got mail!, said the speaker again.

"hai david, i know you angry but hei thats only a joke.
like you play with your duck in the thub. i'm only testing your computer security.
and for kind of people like you. your security is sucks! with one finger i can break into your sistem. so many open port that i can use. fix it!"

i don't care about the open port as long as i use my computer just for my hobby, not hacking or phreaking something and if i want. i not gonna be that dumb to hack someone computer and leaving a digital trace on the open wire.

im not a hacker, just someone love to decompiled software and googling the network. why she or even he, talk to me like I'm a hacker. so silly

to be continued...

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