Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Internet Voyager Chapter Five book One

David stuck in his computer again. ready to forgot what happen in the school when his pa broke the promise again. the mind still rolling by the memory when the his name is called. but hey that is the past. David try to calm his self. now this is the time for playing games.

he play mineswiper where he must found all the bom without being boom. A simple game but interesting. wonder how does the programmer invented this game. applying the rule and all bunch of stuff inside the game?. are there any cheat that can be made to make me win with the time just one second.

time goes on, David not realized that he not eating since he got back from school. the stomach call. and seems he must go down stair and grab some food. at least if he can't find any food on the table he can smash the freezer.

the house still quite. what a luck he find some chicken drum stick on the freezer and a cup of ice cream. boiled some water to make the chicken hot.. and grab the ice cream to eat them all in front of HBO. hope there's some funny movie. the remote seems hidden in one place at the middle room. where is it? David try to figure out where is his dad or her mom kept that remote.. ah.. alright I can turn on the tv manually. that is better .. before the ice cream get melt.

nothing special in tv, the boiled drum stick boiled are ready to serve. uhm.. yummy.. wonder what can i do this night.. and David suddenly know what he have to do.