Wednesday, July 22, 2009

dooh! I lost the Idea

few weeks even month I don't write in this blog and the bad news is I lost my idea. maybe I must start again from the beginning. still with david. but in another type of story. so sorry if some one following internet voyager.

the good news is I'm start to write again on this blog ^^. with the idea of the creative writing maybe about blogging would be nice, blog voyager.. uhm yeah seems is a good idea. writing the journey of a blogger that did not know anything about internet and decide to make a blog.

the background setting are a family who live in uhm.. I think let's make an imaginative city, it would be nice to improve the story. want to know the story wait on my next post ^^

oh yeah.. btw I'm quiting for following the contest and maybe I will just drop and drop.