Saturday, February 23, 2008

Internet Voyager chapter one book one

Internet a whole new place, seems people bored to real world and escaping her self on the internet. and these also happen to David an 19 years old boy. almost 70% of her life stare at the monitor, her eyeglass flash the light of the monitor. and all he do only concentrate on her journey, a journey that shall turn his live 100 degrees. the journey as a voyager, through space without seeing the limit

David is same with the other boys. in the morning he go to school. at noon, back to home seeing only her sexiest maid in the guest room seeing soap opera with a dozen of tissue. meet with cold food and un-fresh milk in the freezer. are there nothing fresh in the market!. david yield once. his maid only move her head and still concentrate on that television. his mother is a psychologist, and her father is a broker at the big corporate stock exchange. his friend for all day only a computer connected to the internet.

to be continued..

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Plan to write on this blog!

I have plan to write a continues story on this blog seems interesting, to find out how many creativity and variation can we develop to write a story. But still confuse, what story? I think a horor story could be interesting. i think once again and see the tittle of this blog to be happy. Now i can tell you what the happy definition in this blog is.

The happy definition on this blog is write everything you'll like, what ever and every stuff every thing. all. The pork bladder, that pace in my head so for the next post will began entering the story.

see you, and have a nice writing :smile: