Thursday, October 7, 2010

So Many Push, Stress, and Caffeine, Hope it less Nicotine

Yoga for Beginner from the editors of Yoga Journal - 2009 - Single CopyMaybe you already read Push and Love, a daily life of a writer that full with pressure so this post is kind a tips how to relax from the push, stress, rush deadline, caffein and hope it less nicotine.

Yoga, kind of exercise for relaxing the body and doesn't need much space, it can make your mind clear, stay focus, and still full of motivation. At least that is what I feel when doing yoga.

How to start yoga. you can surf the net through google or if you want the real and instant way to know it you can buy it by clicking the image book of yoga for beginner. a magazine that specially published for the yoga beginners.

Hope by knowing this idea you can gain the benefit too. ow and if you like book you can surf this site, there plenty of Great digital magazines under $10! hope you like it.

Monday, August 16, 2010

push and love

Why many writers have to write to chase the deadline while she/ he doesn't have the will or mood at that time.

Push the time and brain to mix out all the vocabularies and experiences in one time, sometime this called professionalism but I call it a seduce :lol:

Love is a greatest time history legend that admired by all peoples in the world. a writer and his writing is a love scent and must be softly out by the heart with a love. but hey, wake up, if the writer not write who will make some cash. writer must have some cash to life!.

some how I have discuss it with my friend and he thinks mind seducing is necessary to make some writing. and it's like plumbing, you must make a move before the stream is running smooth.

but I still call a push is a seduce :D how do you think ?

Thursday, February 4, 2010

the spammers tales

ones part of a time there was a good spammers live in cyber space. what he always do is leave some comments in the forum and other people blog post without an automatic software or even try to instal some backdoor virus. that is what he always do from day to day waiting for other to post a new log or a new thread on the forum.

while some other poeple enjoy being spammed by him some other is feel angry cause being spammed by him. so they try to make some difficulties to comment by adding some authentic code and some digital signature.. but just as you know he is a human and all the difficult passed by.. and he still comment, comment and comment on every log post and forum thread.

in the next day the angry people do some surveillance on the log and the thread, then pronounce that all comment and reply that are not connected to the log or thread will be erased. so this spammers try to read all the log and the thread and give his comment that are connected.

the angry people run out the idea and try the last way .. to ban his ip. now the spammer feel worry and don't know what to do .. so can anybody tell the spammer what he have to do ?

Thursday, January 28, 2010

the cmf journey has begun

cmf ads imageThis night I woke up and turn on my chit chat software on my pc with invisible mode. sure, I'm not avoiding them. but, I just trying to unspread out my negative mood to somebody else.

you know what happen next.. yeah I decided to talk with my friend (sonykuda the owner of the online market blog) and just tell me about this kind of ads. so as you see in this blog there are five kind of ads that i know.. (I don't know if you set the spam that I approve in the comment is an ads too). the first ads is my link exchange, seconds ads is entrecard, third ads is adgetize, fourth ads is google adsense and the fifth is friend finder ..


don't know for sure... but if the next day you find the cmf ads on this blog so my blog is approved. if not.. I will try it on the next day. lol so why not surrender and take the faith that my blog is sucks. (this if I'm not approved :P ) there is the challenge! every one (I think) want their blog be the best, buying ads, post a great story and try to find a creative idea that attract peoples mind. so what kind of man is me that don't want a great blog.

so this is my post. the first post of the year 2010 and hope that this will be a good start .. thanks for visiting and dont forget to subscribe on my feed ^^