Sunday, June 1, 2008

internet voyager chapter four book one

this night david couldn't sleep not because what happened on his computer. but rather think about his mom and dad. two days again will be the father day, david hope that his father will go to the school with him and his friend will know that he have a great father. but seeing what his daily life.. dad always busy and mom also have the same thing. David imagining and finally sleep.

at the morning the bird singing out of his window, the sun light directly hit david bed. wake up david! david! mom yield from downstairs. yes mom! i hear you. david walk to his bath room and wash out his face with a water and see the mirror. at the moment david think. keep up the spirit david, you sure your pa will go with you tomorrow.

finally at dining table david staring at his pa, mom catch david eye and ask david. are there something wrong with your pa david. his pa confuse and also asking the same question. are there something wrong with me.

david answer the two question with one sentence, are you forget tomorrow is the father day? mom and dad realize that forgot something. oh yea tomorrow, i will get home early. be ready for me david! but, david not so happy this is the answer for dozen fathers day years ago. ok, lets go to office mom david lets go you have to go to school too.

to be continued....

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