Saturday, March 15, 2008

Internet voyager chapter three book one

David with all the anger, drop his body on the bed. Teddy bear smiling when david sees the teddy. you've got mail!, said the speaker again.

"hai david, i know you angry but hei thats only a joke.
like you play with your duck in the thub. i'm only testing your computer security.
and for kind of people like you. your security is sucks! with one finger i can break into your sistem. so many open port that i can use. fix it!"

i don't care about the open port as long as i use my computer just for my hobby, not hacking or phreaking something and if i want. i not gonna be that dumb to hack someone computer and leaving a digital trace on the open wire.

im not a hacker, just someone love to decompiled software and googling the network. why she or even he, talk to me like I'm a hacker. so silly

to be continued...

Sunday, March 2, 2008

Internet Voyager chapter two book one

This day is so bored. All have the same atmosphere, sucks! now it is the time to having fun with my buddy, the internet.

David Brownzy come down now and take your Dinner! mom yield from the down stairs.
Yes mom!, coming... i shut down the computer first. I said

His parents also knows that the computer is like a brother to David. This night the menu is steak. don't want to lost this menu.. and very rare occasion father and mother can sit in dining table at one time. honestly David miss them. but what David can do is only hope and hope for God mighty. to united the familly often.

The time show 8.40 PM. David push the button power, monitor blink up the light and loading page shown the PC soon available to use. David connect the phone line to the modem and start to dial up the internet.

You've got mail! say the speaker loud and clear.

David wondering who send him an email. but not so courious cause in this day's many spam email can easly trough the spam block. David had a shock when he read that email. It is from old buddy that move, they have a same scholl at the elementary school. David add the ID and seems she online too.

Michele : hi david, i had hack your computer!

Damn! an Intruder... David yield.

to be continued...