Sunday, January 4, 2009

The Memory of My Old Entrecard

entrecard design
any body remember this design yeah this is design from my last entrecard. because my busy i forgot to maintain this blog.. and now i have made the new account of entrecard. seems I have comfort my self with the text black card where i can modify the text every time. as you know david (the character of my write) can always have a different mood from time to time. uhmm... I've been thinking to modified it as a nav bar .. maybe it's cool to have a navbar in this blog.

to avoid entrecard banned my blog again maybe not only writing about david but also what is my motivation in writing the stories of david scenes. hope it would be interesting to read. hope your feedback buddies, or a suggestion about my navbar menus.




  1. Why did they ban your blog last time?

    They are going to kill their own business the way they are going on. I got banned for having a blog that promoted a product (Hot Choc Profits - see my sidebar links to all my blogs). Why have a momey-making category at all if they don't like blogs with affiliate links?

    It's time Entrecard users got together and tell admin that is all of US, their users who determine whether a blog is 'quality' or not. OK to have the basic rules about no porn, hate etc, but why should THEIR ADMIN opinion determine who stays and who goes?

  2. @Jenny

    yeah seems that would be nice... but maybe the admin have their own specification to banned me.. and i admit that I have my own busy not to update and redrop the ec.

    btw are you gain the exitcard too ?