Sunday, January 11, 2009

what i want? and this is a contest

entrecard image

what i want? maybe you would ask about my tittle post. but really, I will submit this post to entrecard bazillion credit. a contest that have a lots of price, with total 132.501 ec (haha I count it using calculator) and a few other prize like 1 month text link ad, 1 month 125×125 ad, a Blog Review and also a mouse pad. that all prize you can get by writing about this contest and what prize would you want. (this is what I'm doing now). you can get one (1) entry point for just post it and 3 (three) entry points by adding the sponsor links. for the complete info about the prize and the contest info you could visit this page.

Now, I will talk for the prize and explain about my tittle. maybe you would know that I made this blog long ago on January 16, 2008. 3 years I've been work in front of my pc and did not realize that I have made my self drawn to the twilight zone. by the time I log on to this blog in the end of the year of 2008. I'm realize that maybe I can make friend. there is a dozen writers list on ec. but my dead blog was deleted from the list, with a new spirit I sign up again, till now. I drop my card from one blog to another and try the best to leave a comment or participating on the contest like I did in this post and this post. just to make them notice that I'm trying to say "can I be your friend?" that is what I want, the prize, to be my friend. unfortunately there's no prize for that. so what ever prize I will accept. rules is rules.. that mouse pad seems great for my mice .. (hoho, I'm using a small optical mouse). well, sorry to disturb you with my feelings. and this is the list of Bazillion entrecard contest sponsor:

Celebrity Pics - Games, Downloads, Walkthroughs - Google Stalking - Fragile Heart - Atlanta Realtors - The Beauty Denominator - Norwegian Programmer - nuke it dot org - Lofty Matters - Random Detox - Guilty Pleasures - Freebies - Project Kickass - Total Web Review - Realm of Prosperity - Fantasy Baseball Rankings - Webbiestuffs - Tazdog - Niacin Flush - Reading Lounge - Fendi Bags For Sale - Michael Aulia - Fish Oil Benefits - Better Interpersonal Communication - Singaporean in London - Diva Fabulosa - Expat wife blogging - Baby Frog Gifts For The Princess In Your Life - Health and Beauty Diva - Certified Pinoy Blogger - Make Money Online With Makoy - Versace Designer Sunglasses - Botany Extracts Aromatherapy Massage Oils - Makoy’s Take On The Arts And The Entertainment - Ken Armstrong Writing Stuff - Total Web Review - Momma Wannabe - Charcotrip travel blog


  1. i hope u can win too, gud luck my friend

  2. @ Aleeya..
    wow I got the prize earlier.. thanks for being my friend

  3. Hope you win too I am entering too...Thanks for commenting in my blog...

  4. @gengen
    no problemo gengen, hope you get the prize :D