Monday, January 5, 2009

early month contest.. wuhuu !!

just registering entrecard and only have 72 ec on my account. so start to think the way to get the ec in the fast way without buying it :) and the solution is the contest.. fortunately a massage get to my inbox and invited me to join the contest.. aloha... your welcome .. but from the rules that mentioned on the blog contest post there is one condition that pretty hard if you are a ptc maniac. why? because the rules is you must registering to clixsense account. but Im not a publisher. just a blogger that try to optimize his blog to the moon.

another thinking blow up from my mind last night .. the condition of rules is worth of the gift in that contest cause if you full up all the rules you can get.

2500 ec (wow pretty much for a newbie like me :lol:) a review of your blog ( that means a link pointing to your blog and that mean more famous.. hahaha) and the 10 bucks trough paypal (uhm... seems there will a hotdogs party).

so.. don't know your mind say.. but for your information .. I was follow this contest .. and try to earn some ec. hope I will get it on my valentine's day :D


  1. Hello,

    Great entry post about my contest. You are among the qualifiers for the raffle on V-Day. Can you please leave the link of your Entrecard profile page on my blog ( That's the way I'll be contacting you if ever you'll be the winner of my contest.

    Thanks a lot for joining.

  2. @zobel

    thanks :"> you make me blush ahahahah... you to great contest and nice cat you have there :D