Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Internet Voyager Chapter six book one

David open his bedroom door and see the pillow like a gold. the computer still on, but the light of the eye is stuck to the heaven. "oh God I'm full, please let me sleep!" say David inside his heart. that boiled chicken drum stick is fantastic. all I can think is only a long sleep like a squirrel in the winter.

Santa gave me an xbox this year. but playing alone is so boring. he look at the window that opened. the star look bright .. but the star never alone, they always get the crowd and dancing among the moon. David go the window to look the clear sky this night. but seems not all the stars is happy there is one star that standing alone far away from the others.

the light of that star is shining, but the problem is he's alone. maybe that is my star. alone in the dark. while the other get the crowd and play together. hope I can have some friend. hope my pap and mom is always home. David still confuse with the bright star that alone in the corner of the sky. why he is so bright. star look the same, nothing ugly they all beautiful. maybe that star is happy with all the condition he have, facing the night with happy, and smile with the moon while say.. moon I will bright more than you.

David woke up when the his pap car engine came by. David ran down and see his father and his mom with a smile. his dad smile too, while mom hug David.


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