Thursday, February 4, 2010

the spammers tales

ones part of a time there was a good spammers live in cyber space. what he always do is leave some comments in the forum and other people blog post without an automatic software or even try to instal some backdoor virus. that is what he always do from day to day waiting for other to post a new log or a new thread on the forum.

while some other poeple enjoy being spammed by him some other is feel angry cause being spammed by him. so they try to make some difficulties to comment by adding some authentic code and some digital signature.. but just as you know he is a human and all the difficult passed by.. and he still comment, comment and comment on every log post and forum thread.

in the next day the angry people do some surveillance on the log and the thread, then pronounce that all comment and reply that are not connected to the log or thread will be erased. so this spammers try to read all the log and the thread and give his comment that are connected.

the angry people run out the idea and try the last way .. to ban his ip. now the spammer feel worry and don't know what to do .. so can anybody tell the spammer what he have to do ?


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  2. Awesome post. I too have been in this situation. My question to you is; why do you have your blog set to the "nofollow" setting if you're sympathetic to those that you are calling "spammers"?

    Just curious,


  3. lol.. don't know much, but seems i already do the blogger do follow movement. haha .. yeahh.. don't know much about the code. maybe something broken.

    but for me manual spammers is the web life...

  4. Came to visit from CMF Ads but you haven't been here for awhile. My writing blog is: I hope you are writing well and just don't have time to blog. :)

  5. doh .. i can't comment in your blog if i must login to blogger.. or using open id :( .. can u open your comment area Laura?