Monday, August 16, 2010

push and love

Why many writers have to write to chase the deadline while she/ he doesn't have the will or mood at that time.

Push the time and brain to mix out all the vocabularies and experiences in one time, sometime this called professionalism but I call it a seduce :lol:

Love is a greatest time history legend that admired by all peoples in the world. a writer and his writing is a love scent and must be softly out by the heart with a love. but hey, wake up, if the writer not write who will make some cash. writer must have some cash to life!.

some how I have discuss it with my friend and he thinks mind seducing is necessary to make some writing. and it's like plumbing, you must make a move before the stream is running smooth.

but I still call a push is a seduce :D how do you think ?

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