Thursday, January 28, 2010

the cmf journey has begun

cmf ads imageThis night I woke up and turn on my chit chat software on my pc with invisible mode. sure, I'm not avoiding them. but, I just trying to unspread out my negative mood to somebody else.

you know what happen next.. yeah I decided to talk with my friend (sonykuda the owner of the online market blog) and just tell me about this kind of ads. so as you see in this blog there are five kind of ads that i know.. (I don't know if you set the spam that I approve in the comment is an ads too). the first ads is my link exchange, seconds ads is entrecard, third ads is adgetize, fourth ads is google adsense and the fifth is friend finder ..


don't know for sure... but if the next day you find the cmf ads on this blog so my blog is approved. if not.. I will try it on the next day. lol so why not surrender and take the faith that my blog is sucks. (this if I'm not approved :P ) there is the challenge! every one (I think) want their blog be the best, buying ads, post a great story and try to find a creative idea that attract peoples mind. so what kind of man is me that don't want a great blog.

so this is my post. the first post of the year 2010 and hope that this will be a good start .. thanks for visiting and dont forget to subscribe on my feed ^^


  1. CMF Ads does not judge blogs based upon the quality of content alone. There are 9 violations that can disqualify a blog:
    No sex sites
    Posts must be written in English
    Blogs must be frequently updated (minimum one post per month, minimum 5 posts total)
    Content must be your own
    Content must be of a reasonable quality *
    No popups, redirects, or scripts that prevent a user from leaving the site
    No illegal file sharing sites
    No profanity in site names, URLs or descriptions
    No autoplaying audio

    The most common cause of rejection is stealing content from others.

  2. ok then .. hope i will not do something wrong.. thanks for the explanation and the visit.. comeback often mr. turnip