Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacson

Steve Jobs one figure that amazingly stun the facebook this fewdays. his word spread all along the status in almost every people that know him.

Dont know why this situation make me curious about how he hold the world on his palm. one of the status linked to a youtube video about his speech in stanford at the year of 2005. this is a stunning speech also.

and as i wall through amazon there some short of autobiography of Steve Jobs by Walter Isaacton with hard cover edition. and if you want to know further about Steve Jobs this book is on the sky now. it's available on a few format.


  1. Hi David...thank you for stopping by and commenting on my blog and picture :) Made my day!

  2. haha.. it's not a big deal colleen .. hope you have made up your decision for the pic colage