Saturday, August 29, 2009

Chapter One - Internet VOyager again

Once a part of time, there was a little boy. this boy have a fortune and then try the new windows 95 and play some games inside. he didn't know what will be happen in the future is start from his hand.

few years later when he finish from the elementary school, his parent decided to take him away to the the boarding school and wish that he could learn something about life, friendship and see by his own eye how hard the life is.

they call him david. one of david favorite things is book, david always thinks that the book is the door to every door in this universe, people know their history from book, learn something from book, and to teach someone is also by book. a simple conclusion.

david born in a simple family that have a strong faith about God. so there is no other book except the bible and messenger stories. his favorite stories is David.

to be continued


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